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  • Searching for a Bride or Groom from our sengunthar community

  • Interested to preserve your family profiles for future generation

  • Searching a relative from your native

  • Searching our community people  in foreign country, to guide your son/daughter for employment / higherstudies / immigration

  • Searching for a job in our sengunthar people organisation

  • Searching for servant maid/Driver/Watchman from our community people

  • interested to know about our Business People to enhance your existing business or starting a new business

  • interested to buy or sell items among our sengunthar people

  • interested in maintaining your relatives Address Book online and send group messages 

  • interested in publishing your family events 

  • interested in knowing our eminent personalities



The Complete webportal for Sengunthar Community

Family Profiles :: Matrimonial :: Family Tree :: Genealogy :: Address Directory :: Jobs ::  Library


preserves everything about sengunthars



About is the Largest database of sengunthar community living worldwide - facilitates Matrimonial Search, Preserves Family Profiles, Maintains Family tree,  with the objective of integrating sengunthars worldwide so that to know each other and help each other, search their lost relatives, establish new relations, etc.,.


This website is maintained and updated by the software engineers belongs to sengunthar community who are settled all around the world

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Sengunthar Matrimonial


Maintains Sengunthar Matrimonial Profiles of searchable through various criteria. The data is maintained through our traditional approach, giving much importance to Horoscope and related inputs.


One of the unique facility is Horoscope based search   - through which one can select their preferred horoscopes (for example- chevvai in eighth place or raghu in second place etc.,) as per their need.

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Sengunthar Family Profiles


Preserves Sengunthar family profiles. Every member have the facility to preserve their family member details (viz., Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Husband, Wife etc.,). Later Add relatives in each profile (viz., uncle, aunt, Brother-in-Law etc.,)


This is directly linked to Matrimony search so that one can find their family details also along with the Matrimony profile.


Sengunthar Family Tree

This maintains the complete family structure so that one can find who is related to whom


 Sengunthar Address Directory

This maintains the complete address details of sengunthars worldwide searchable through professionwise, countrywise, nativewise etc., Helps to find their lost relatives


Sengunthar Business Directory

This maintains the complete address details of Business People belong to sengunthar community around the world, to facilitate to enhance their business contacts

Sengunthar Employment Exchange

This connects Job seekers and Employers of Sengunthar community, so that to give first preference to sengunthar community people

Sengunthar Buy & Sell

Facilitates Buying and selling of everything among sengunthar community people



Sengunthar  Photo Gallery

This preserves the rarest collection of photos of eminent Personalities, important events, our land mark etc.,


Sengunthar  Library

This preserves the rarest collection of books written by Authors belong to sengunthar community, books about  the heritage of sengunthar community, articles published in the magazines, news papers etc.,





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